Selecting a wardrobe for your portrait session may be simple for some but if you’re like me, it may lead to a closet floor full of clothes and a few less hairs.  Here are some tips that will make choosing your wardrobe simple and painless.

-Softer colors (pastel blues, light greens and tans) work well for outdoor color portraits.
-Generally, solids are preferred over to patterns. Sometimes a bold pattern can add to the overall statement made in a photo but they can also be very distracting. Try to think of the locations of your session and what colors will harmonize with it.
-Wardrobe for couples can be a mixture of solids and patterns but this rarely ever works with three or more subjects.

Guidelines for flattering styles:
-Weight –If you feel that photographs tend to make you look too heavy or too thin, do not select short dresses, spaghetti straps, or strapless dresses. Men should not wear a suit jacket that doesn’t fit.
-Height - Use shorter dresses, high heels and boots to make legs look longer.
-Necks and Chins – Scarves and shirts with collars help a lot. Do not, however, wear a turtleneck to hide a double chin. V-Neck tops are great at making necks look longer.  We can also work with double chins through posing, lighting and retouching.
-Shirts and Sweaters – Sweaters look amazing in photographs. Starched shirts, especially in light colors, often look wrinkled in photographs.
-Versatile clothing—a few of the most versatile items to consider bringing include:
-Black cocktail dresses
-Solid blouses and shirts
-Pearls, diamonds or rhinestone studs
-Anything black
-Some other things to consider
-Hats – adds fun and variety
-Sunglasses – and of course, the bigger the better!
-Favorite items for props (ie. Guitar or football jersey)
-Long dresses for formal or dramatic looks.
-An amazing pair of shoes can add a lot to an image

Don’t forget that tight clothing, including bras and socks, leave marks on the skin. Think about what parts of your skin will be showing and dress appropriately. Bring a few different changes for variety.  Also consider getting your hair and/or make-up done before your shoot.  It will make you feel good about how you look and that feeling of self-confidence will be portrayed in your photos.

I’ve found that most people love the photos that show them relaxed and natural.  Consider bringing a friend to your shoot to help you feel more at ease.  More often than not, I’ll catch the best parts of you while you’re just being yourself.

Any questions please feel free to call or e-mail me anytime.