I've sooo enjoyed my Family Special this year! All of you were so great! I am so blessed to have the most amazing clients EVER!  We've had rain.  We've had snow. And we've had some incredible fall color mixed in.  I've shot adorable couples, the sweetest babies, some..ahem..challenging two-year-olds..lol, and a lot of really great families.  A LOT of people now now about Mount Kare, which is a beautiful place to send your kids to camp or to rent as a retreat center, and I've been so thankful to Charlie, the manager, for letting me shoot there every year.  I'm also thankful for Kayla, my assistant.  She was an incredible help and she made it possible for me to do so many sessions this year. I'm sad this year's sessions are over, but I'm excited about the Spring Special I'll be running next year.  Stay tuned for more info!

Merry Christmas and Happy Everything!