I had so much fun shooting this family last week. Mom and Dad go to my church and just added a new baby girl to the mix and wanted to get some shots of her, the fam, and their two-year-old boy. I hate to say this, but my big honking camera and I aren't as much fun for a toddler than I would like. However, marshmallows are:

s family1

And Dad is:

s family3

And the really cool playground with the amazing slide that Dad built is:

s family4

Even baby sister is:

s family6

Of course, jumping on the bed is a given:

s family11

s family12

But in the end, I have to say.... I caught ya!

s family7

Thanks, you guys! And here's some sweet ones of baby Lauren:

s family5

s family8

With Mom:

s family2

And Dad:

s family9

Baby toes are my favorite!

s family14

Look at those Blue Eyes!

s family15

And, her new home: (the room, not the basket, silly)

s family13

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