It's been snowing up here on the mountain for 5 days now. Our little resort town has turned into a snow-player's delight. On a hot sunny day we have less than 3,000 locals up here but when the ground is white, we quickly triple that. On our property alone, we had close to 100 people trample around and sled with their families. With all those people up here, it made me wonder why the attraction to snow. Maybe it's because it's so clean and pure. Maybe it's because it's free (most of the I watched my kids play outside while they sled down hills and the pure delight on their faces made me realize the play..together. To be a child tossing snowballs around and sledding with the cold wind whipping your face. And to be with friends and family sharing that joy together...that's what we long for. I mean, you can't have a snowball fight alone. Pure bliss and community.