I loved this session!! Beautiful kids and parents, beautiful lighting, giggles and songs-what else could be better?  This family is also dear to me because Jeray and I shot Mom and Dad's wedding and we've watched them grow as a couple and as a family.  God has them on an amazing adventure of Foster-Adopt with their children and although they've shared some of the hardships they've gone through, they have also shared the love, giggles and all out crazy, beautiful mess that is four kids. Thanks for sharing your story of faith and parenting with us! I love reading your posts about your messy kitchen, underwear superheros, teaching moments and the triumphs of adopting your littlest little guy. Thanks for letting me capture this moment. This time in your lives that you will never forget. shamp_family_2014_0062shamp_family_2014_0052shamp_family_2014_0047shamp_family_2014_0021shamp_family_2014_0033shamp_family_2014_0002shamp_family_2014_0010