When I was a kid I loved playing spy. I really think that's one of the reasons I became a photographer. I'm a natural observer {ok, maybe a lurker..lol}, so it was so much fun for me when Paul called me and told me he was planning something special for his engagement to his long-time love Ashley and he wanted me to be involved. He knew of her love for photos and that she would want to capture of one of the most special times in their lives so he wanted me to hang out in the bushes and document it. It was so cool and I got to live out my inner geekieness. We even had code-texts. I could hardly hold my camera because I was crying so much and I wanted to jump out when she said yes. It was amazing to catch her real reactions as she didn't know I was there.

We did a fun shoot afterward at the park and area Paul chose: The Claremont Colleges. Their smiles and love were so raw and real they were easy to capture.

Thank you for including me in your special day. It was truly and honor and I can't wait for the wedding.