I'm so blessed to have Paul and Jolene in my life.  They're my son's godparents and their lives are such an example to him.  Paul used to hang out at our house when we lived in Pomona and was a young(er) single collage student.  He and Chris would practice their guitars for worship and I would make them chocolate chip cookies.  He met Jolene when he got up to sharpen his pencil in the library at Life Bible Collage and was smitten.  They've been married for about a year and a half (yes?) and are sooo excited to be parents (not half as excited as the future grandparents, though).  I think they're going to do great.  They're both youth leaders at their church and have already touched so many kids' lives. I went to Jolene's baby shower over the weekend and did a maternity session in Downtown Glendora (my old stomping ground).  Stay tuned for their upcoming newborn session.

Love you both!










Oh, I almost forgot about my superhero moment, as Jolene called it.  I'm sure you know that Southern California has been experiencing a lot of fires and the day of our shoot the wind had kicked all the smoke in our direction.  It was either that or the extreme handsome-ness of Paul that caused Jolene to "swoon".  Paul caught her in his manly arms while I rant to a nearby restaurant that was hosting a baby shower and frantically asked for water and bread for my pregnant friend who fainted and they graciously gave me some.  I received many strange looks from the ladies at the shower, though, and one of them came up to me and asked, "Did you get your pin?" in a very concerned voice (in other words, like I was some crazy person). You know, those pins that you loose when you say the word "baby".  ANYWAY, Jolene was OK and we resumed shooting and I've vowed to have some water and snacks on hand for you swooning pregnant women so I don't look like a crazy lady.

Here's Jolene with my superhero snack: