These are truly some of the most incredible people you'll ever meet. Jake and Kayla were there at the beginning of my photography career and actually took a chance on me and hired me for their wedding even though I had no experience what so ever. They believed in me and for that I will be forever grateful. Not only are they some of my closest friends but they are really, really great photography subjects as well and we always have a blast together during their shoots. As you can see, they think I'm hilarously funny and laughed at all my jokes {not really...I think they just laugh at how lame they} and they are always willing to move and sit wherever I want them to. I especially loved this set because I have been there since their wedding day and it was so fun for me to see how much they've grown in their love for each other. They are truly best friends. I love that. Jake and Kayla, thanks for all these years of great memories and the love you have shared with me. It is a privilege for me to call you friends. Thanks for being good enough friends to laugh at my lame jokes, let me know when I'm being stupid and love me anyway. Oh, and thanks for being weird and nerdie like me. I love you guys. Congrats on reaching the five year mark. The best years are yet to come.