Laughter infusing the color soaked realm,

You sprang, greedily gulping the tinted world around you.

While your brother, cautious and quiet,

Sipped silently through russet shaded windows.

I had such a great time following Mireya and her family around the LA Arboretum on Sunday. I had forgotten how beautiful it was there, especially in the spring. Flowers were blossoming and their perfume was heavy in the air. I was able to bring Chris and the kids with me and we liked it so much that we bought a family pass. I'm so excited to pass many a lazy afternoon under the trees. Look for more photos from this adorable family when they add another brother to the mix in June. I'm looking forward to it.

PS. The poem above is by me. I'm trying my hand at poetry after some inspiration from my spiritual daughter, Reanna. I'm going to try to add one to future posts. We'll see if this old English Major still has some literary talent left in her.