Every once in a while you are a part of something that you can be truly excited about and proud of.  Circle H Youth Ranch is one of these organizations for me.  Started by Nate Morrow and Jim Vanderkam, CHYR is about helping underprivileged kids connect with others through the hard work, responsibility and character building work on a ranch.  At CHYR, each child is coupled with one horse and one leader.  Upon arrival at CHYR, each child's individualized needs are identified and a hope plan is created.  No child is left behind in the growth process.  Rather, each child's individual needs, hopes, and dreams are nurtured by one horse and one leader.  Typically, each session includes a ranch-hand experience, equestrian instruction, and the opportunity to love and be loved by horses. CHRY contacted me and asked me to get involved by designing a logo, website and providing photos of their ranch.  So, last Saturday I had the privilege of photographing the dream of two people that is quickly becoming a reality.  I'm so excited for them and for the kids they're going to inspire.  If you're interested in becoming a part of this dream as well or if you know of some kids who would benefit from their program, you can find them at www.circlehyouthranch.com

Thanks, Jim and Nate, for letting me be a small part of your dream.


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