I got the funniest review from Kayla Vanderkam that I just had to share with you. First she wrote a "real" review then she wrote a more "classic Kim takes photos like this" review.

Here's her email. Hope you enjoy it:

"Kim is AMAZING! She made us feel totally comfortable during our engagement shoot and again for our wedding. We laughed a lot and played around, and ended up with the most wonderful pictures! Every shoot with Kim has been a really fun and memorable experience." -Kayla VanderKam

or you could use this one....

"Kim is insane. She rolls around on the ground and takes pictures of bugs. She also had us tromping through bushes because she somehow noticed a sprinkler head that looked like a heart. She also had us pose in a nasty ally that smelled like pee. And the pictures were all ridiculously good. I will tromp through bushes to get a picture with a heart shaped sprinkler head that smells like pee in the middle of a nasty ally any day with Kim!"

Personally I think the second one just SCREAMS professional.


If you'd like me to include a review on my website just contact me. I'd really, really appreciate it and I'll give you a goodie, too. ;)