I woke up this morning to 13 degree weather and a white world. I love living in the Mountains. The air is crisp and clean and everything looks so beautiful clothed in white. Thank goodness it wasn't this cold when I did Heather and Greg's Unveiled session on Sunday. We went up to Jackson Lake and had a lot of fun in the snow. Don't worry, I let Heather warm up between shots and a big shout out to the folks up at Verdugo Pines Christian Camp for letting us warm up in their dining hall. They even gave us hot chocolate (Thanks Papa John and Kathy!) Here's a few of my faves from their session and make sure you check out the video at the end of the post for more photos. Enjoy! Kim

snow unveiled1

snow unveiled13

snow unveiled5

snow unveiled6

snow unveiled11

snow unveiled3

snow unveiled9

snow unveiled7

snow unveiled15

snow unveiled20

snow unveiled19

snow unveiled18