2011 for me has been the year of becoming healthy. I started off the year pretty well doing the Thirty Day Shred with Jillian Michaels. I then jumped into running and started the Couch-to-5k program but as my summer and early fall started getting busy with wedding season I stopped my routine. I'm now getting back into my workout routine {thinking about re-starting the P90x videos I did a couple of years ago} and I have been looking into a more healthy eating lifestyle. With a husband and four kids to feed this has been a challenge to say the least. {especially my hot-dog-loving son} Even though I've been sneaking in veggies and fruit into their diets for years {can we say chickpea cookies?} I have decided to make our diet more plant-based and less animal-based. While I'm going completely vegetarian, the kids and Chris are still going to be eating un-processed meat a couple of times a week. I've done a lot of research already {yes, I'm one of those} so I think I'm ready to go veggie {lol}. I thought since a lot of my blog-followers are moms like me who want to feed their kids healthy meals they will actually eat I would blog about my Veggie-Journey. I love to cook {as my hips will attest} so some of my posts will be something I came up on my own but I also love to use recipies so I will post links to the ones I used. And of course, there will be pictures.

So, here's my first post. My lunch from today. I recently learned that while spinach has lots of iron, you also have to eat a something with vitamin C to absorb it so I cut up and orange I bought at my local farmer's market. {you can find the info here}.

Veggie Sandwich: Whole Wheat bread Mmmm sauce I found here. Mushrooms Black Beans Tomato from Chris' garden Feta Spinach Bean Sprouts

Thoughts: Super Duper Yummy Kid Factor: I made this when the kids were at school but the girls would love it {minus the mushrooms and bean sprouts}. The boy {let's start calling him Mr. Picky} would turn up his nose way high on this one. Btw, their ages are 11, 10, 10, and 8 for future reference. The boy is the youngest.

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