Disneyland has got to be my most favorite place on the planet. I love it because it's a place where I can spend time with the ones I love. My daughter, Lita, and I spent a couple of days there last week and I found out random things like what kind of pizza she really loves and how she wants to wear her hair at her wedding. Standing in line waiting to experience a ride together slows down life enough to talk about such random things. She found out that I only will force her to ride the rides I think she's ready for and that I forced my sister to go on the Matterhorn with a boy when we were teenagers. My sister quickly forgave me. Lita and I had so much fun together just hanging out and enjoying one another's company. Because I know that a lot of YOU enjoy Disneyland as much as I do I've decided to offer sessions there. Our first up is the darling little Emme. She turned two this month {hard for me to believe} and she absolutely loves it there. So much in fact that when her mom puts her in the car to go somewhere she immediately thinks she's headed to Disneyland. Emme is also in obsession with the Disney Princesses and loves Snow White. I followed her around as she experienced the Happiest Place on Earth and caught her laughter, joy and delight as well as some family shots over at Pirate Island. Not only did I have a blast catching Emme's Adventures, I had a great time hanging out with her parents who just happen to be some pretty fabulous people.

If you're looking to do a Disneyland session just let me know in the contact page. We can do just a portrait session, a lifestyle session like Emme's or even a little mini session. Travel to the big D is $50 on top of your session fee.

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