Karley loves her dad.  She was one of the girls in my small group for a couple of years and she often spoke of how much she admires and loves him.  I wasn't surprised, then, when she asked me to do a mini session for his birthday.  Even though he had to get dressed up, we didn't torture him too much since their session only lasted about fifteen minutes.  I love these pictures because it's easy to see how much they care for each other.  I do feel a little sorry for the guy who has to  meet with Karley's dad to get her hand forever.  I'm sure there'll be a lot of tough questions before he gets an answer and an eagel eye that will never stop watching over her.  I'll have to make sure her dad gives Chris a few pointers.

Here's a few of my faves.  Oh, and I do have mini sessions available for those who hate... I mean don't like... the whole taking pictures thing.



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