Being three months old must be difficult.  You are finally starting to notice the people around you but you can't really move your head around enough to see them.  You realize that sucking on your fingers is really fun but everytime you try you bop yourself in the face.  And you're hungry....all the time!  And you can't even get up and get something from the fridge.  Instead, you have to cry and get yourself all worked up and then not even be able to eat because you're all snotty and sweaty.  Oh, and people are always getting you all dressed up and putting things on your head when all you really want is to be naked and free.  And what's with that lady with the big camera in my face yelling "BBBRRRBBBRRRRRBBBRR!!!"???  Poor little babies.  But they look so cute! Check out these photos of a little cutie I shot a couple of weeks ago.  Her mom did my hair today (I love it!) and she may tag along with Jeray and I at our next wedding (she's also a photographer).  I love her baby girl's hair band that she made!  So fun (for us anyway..haha).