It's a season of newborns for me and I'm loving it! Having babies was such a precious time in my life {as well as busy!} I had four babies within three-and-a-half years {there's twins thrown in there} so I know first-hand what you new moms are going through. The sleepless nights, the nursing {each one is different} and the sibling rivalry was my daily experience. I learned a mom's lap can hold all four kids, that nursing twins makes you feel "cow-ish" and that there's only so much Nick Jr an adult can watch before her brain falls out. Now that my kids are getting older {my youngest is going to be seven next month} I love my baby sessions so much. Each time I hold a newborn I'm amazed by her tiny fingers or his little lips. That's why these sessions are so special to me and are really my favorite. And yes, they all cry, and pee, and poop and stare at me with their eyes wide open even though they need to sleep, but I love it all and I'm so blessed to have this "job." I loved this session with little Avery. I got a few new things as well as some headbands and a tutu from my friend Anne over The Darlin' Daisy and it was so fun to try them out. Avery was such a doll and her parents are truly blessed. Here's a few of my faves from her session: