There are times that we share with our friends that we will always remember. The call I got from Ashley 8 months ago is one of those times. Little Scarlett was not yet one and Ashley just found out she had another little one on the way. Boy, could I relate! My own journey in motherhood had me finding out I was going to have twins when my eldest daughter was only 10 months old. My girls are now closer than I could have ever dreamed they could be. Not one leaves without the others waiting for her to return. That love is what I know Ashley's children will have for each other, and they will learn it from two amazing, loving parents. I admire how Paul and Ashley have chosen joy and laughter and love in the midst of struggles and life that just happens. This is the family that sweet baby Lincoln will be born in and will grow in strength and faith and love. Thank you for letting me be a part of that. Love you all!

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