I am so pleased to announce that I will be offering Photography Styling services from Collette Budd from Briar Rose Designs!! Until we finalize all the new packages we are going to offer we're going to do an introductory price for a FEW LUCKY PEOPLE for only $50 above my usual portrait price! That's right, people! For only $50 more you can get one of Collette's PERSONALIZED PHOTO STYLING SESSIONS!! So email me ASAP {heck do it instead of reading the rest of this post, will ya?!!} We're also teaming up with Amy over at Maple Boutique and The Smoketree Junction Antique Store to bring you some more AMAZINGNESS!! Collette and I shot this Vintage Lemonade Stand session last week with Collette and her cute, adorable, sweet, hammy daughter, Brierlyn! Here's the skinny on all the amazing vendors that went into this shoot: Photographer: Kim Robbins Photo Stylist: Collette Budd of Briar Rose Designs Props: Smoketree Junction Antiques Collette's clothing: Maple Boutique

BTW, if you go to Smoketree and are trying to find the little yellow tables you won't. They're sitting in my reading room!