This is Lita-Lou. As you can see, she gets her driving skills from her dad.  Her birthday was on Sunday so I took her to Disneyland for some Mom/Daughter time.  She's finally big enough to go on the "fast" rides and she loved every one (except Indiana Jones because her eyes were closed the whole  I had so much fun hanging out with her but I got to thinking that maybe she likes fast rides because she's changing so fast.  She used to be a frilly Princess girl when she was little but now she's into camouflage. Don't get me wrong, she still likes her pretty dresses, but she'll wear them with cowboy boots. She's also super silly and a little shy. It's exciting to see her change into the person she is becoming but it's a little sad, too. I'm tempted to hang on to her old self for a bit more but I don't think there's much left to hang on to. I guess this is one of the hard bits of being a mom and why we need to hang with our kids so much. We need to make sure they didn't become someone new while we weren't looking.

So, in honor of Lita-Lou's birthday, I'm giving you a present. I've reduced my portrait prices. I don't know how long it's going to last, change happens fast, remember. But if you book now for any time this year while they're reduced, I'll honor them. So email or call me and book now!

Here's the new reduced prices:

Family Session-Up to 5 people...$150 Each additional person is $10 extra Includes at least 40 images on CD

Extended Family Session...$250 Includes at least 60 images on CD

Newborn Session...$130 Includes at least 30 images on CD

Senior/Adult Session...$130 Includes at least 30 images on CD

Couples Session...$150 Includes at least 30 images on CD

Schedule a "Play Date" session and get two sessions for the price of one!