I've been working with Junior Highers since I was 16 and they're a blast.  Even after 19 years I still love them.  They're at an age where they're starting to figure out where they fit in the world that they've just realized is around them. My husband, Chris, is a youth pastor so I get to volunteer every Tuesday night with these guys.  I love hanging out with them and playing games (especially beating them at Halo..lol). Tonight we played a game where they had to pass a plastic egg that's filled with random instructions around like hot potato.  Whoever ends up with it when the music stops has to pick an instruction and either do it or quit.  Chris has a lunch box filled with crazy stuff for the kids to eat like baby food, liverwurst and hot sauce.  This kid had to eat turkey and rice baby food.  He did it.  I told him that if babies could do it so could he.


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