Some of you may have noticed that my logo and web design has changed recently.  There's actually a reason for this (and not just because I got tired of my logo  Chris and I have decided to use this year to live more simply by doing things like spending more time with family and friends, planting a community garden, and helping at the community center in town for some examples.  One of my contributions is to "Go Green" with my business.  Shooting digitally is one way to reduce waste but I also wanted to find a way to recycle my packaging materials.  So, instead of the usual red box you all get in the mail, you'll be receiving something like this.  A homemade origami box (with some added cardboard strength) and your CD wrapped in one of the pages from my overwhelming collection of photography magazines.   Don't worry, I still put some candy in there as my way to "share the sweetness of life" with you and please, reuse the boxes if you can.