I often read the blogs of other photographers and I was recently reading Chris Palitzat's blog and was inspired by a series he did called "366".  What he did is take a photo every day for a whole year and document it on his blog.  This sounded like a great idea and a way for me to stretch myself as a photographer so I decided to to it. I'm going to be posting the photos here along with all my usual portrait and wedding stuff.  So come back everyday to see what I've done.

Here's my day One.

Living up here in the mountains is sometimes a pain.  Because of the snow, we all have to have PO Boxes.  It makes it irritating when i mail order stuff because i'm never sure if i should put my box number or my physical address.  i think all of us up here have lost something in the mail one time or another.  Usually, because i only go a few times a week, my box is stuffed full.  i feel sorry for the mail people trying to shove another bill in there.