Friday, November 21st, marked mine and Chris' ten year anniversary.  We celebrated by going to one of our favorite places, Disneyland.  My parents were very gracious to take the kids and we were able to stay at the Hilton in Irvine for the night as well.  We had a lot of fun catching up on what's happening in our brains.  For those of you with kids you know that by the time everyone gets home and does homework and eats dinner and goes to their various activities such as bible studies and gymnastics there's not a whole lot of time to just hang out with your spouse.  Since Chris is as pastor he also has some weird hours where he works in the evenings and all day on Sunday and my schedule gets busy with weddings and shoots on the weekends so spending time together becomes challenging.  We go on dates, of course, and we both enjoy reading the same books and watching movies together but there always seems to be something I need to tell Chris or something he needs to let me know but we run out of time in the day.  This weekend I can actually say that we talked until we had no more words and fell asleep with nothing on our minds.  It was amazing.  I thank God every day for the crazy, wack-a-doo man I call my husband.  He continues to challenge me in all areas of my life and he shows me what truly loving someone looks like.  He was the bratty little boy next door that I'm so glad I ended up marrying and I'm looking forward to eternity together. Here's a photo of us taken with Chris' cell phone.  I wasn't allowed to take my camera with me since I get a little preoccupied (to be fair, Chris wasn't allowed to play games on his cell phone) so it's pretty crappy.  But I love it.


10 years together

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